Virtual Private Server FAQ’S

December 18, 2006 / FAQs vps hosting
  1. What type of hardware will my VPS be hosted on?

    The type of hardware that your VPS account provisioned in depends on what type of account you by. We are offering Basic VPS, Standard VPS, Enterprise VPS, and Corporate VPS plans, all are having specific memory, disk space, and bandwidth allowed.

    General Server specifications are as follows:

    Basic VPS:

    2 vCPU Cores
    2 GB RAM
    25 GB SDD Storage
    1 TB Monthly Transfer
    Choice of Linux distributions
    Plesk or cPanel(Optional)

    Price: $14.99/mo.

  2. What control panel choices do you offer?
    Ans. Currently, we are offering cPanel/WHM.
  3. How long will it take to set up my account?
    Ans. VPS plans configured to enable access to your server administration panel within 12-24 hours. The only occasion when provisioning delayed in the case of an order that receives a high fraud score. To ensure that your account built quickly please refrain from using free email services, and always ensure that you use accurate billing information.
  4. What software do you use to provide VPS functionality?
    Ans. uses OpenVz to provide our VPS environments. OpenVZ was recently released by Sw-Soft to the Linux community. Plans are underway to add it to the core Linux kernel as well. OpenVZ is the base of SW-Soft’s popular commercial VPS platform.

    There are a few differences between OpenVZ and its commercial counterpart from the end-user perspective. Using OpenVZ allows us to provide a rock-solid low-cost VPS alternative to everyone!

    We are providing CentOs 4. x, Fedora Core X, and Debian OS for VPS.

  5. What is the speed of your network?
    Ans. All of our VPS nodes plugged into our gigabit Ethernet backbone. You will have access to multiple gigabits of premium tier-1 bandwidth.
  6. Can I host an adult site?
    Ans. Yes, as long as the site complies with our terms and acceptable use policy, in other words, it has to be legal and you have to hold copyright releases to all information, including model releases.
  7. What development languages/tools are included?
    Ans. All VPS servers come with GCC, Python, Perl, and PHP available to compile and run today’s most popular open-source applications.
  8. Will my OS count against my disk space?
    Ans. Your operating system files will count against your disk allocation. Operating system footprints vary between 125-300 megabytes.
  9. Is the APF firewall supported?
    Ans. Yes APF is 100% supported along with TAP/TUN.
  10. Can I upgrade my kernel?
    Ans. OpenVZ does not allow for any kernel modifications. You will be running a variant of Linux 2.6 which is the latest stable Linux kernel.
  11. Can I upgrade to another plan later?
    Ans. members area allows you to upgrade to another plan at any time in just seconds. Even a dedicated server can’t do that! Provides Linux VPS Hosting as well as Windows VPS Hosting