The Collaborative Work for All Solutions Zimbra

August 10, 2011 / General Discussion

With hosted solutions, Zimbra allows all companies to have a collaborative system for sharing, mail, calendar, address book, tasks, documents, and records, safely and easily. Zimbra mail server allows synchronization, iSync, iPhone, and smartphone ever to stay connected. Disk space is no longer a worry, our core offerings a sufficient amount of disk space per account and has no bandwidth limit.

Messaging: This is the heart of the Zimbra collaboration suite solution, it has a powerful rich webmail feature for far more advanced than most clients such as Outlook, etc…With Zimbra, no need to store emails in folders, Zimbra has a powerful search engine, gone are the days where you spent long minutes waiting for the search results are practically instantaneous. Zimbra can assign keywords to your posts for the group and instantly find them easily.

  1. Disk space is no longer a worry, by default we offer 1 GB of disk space per account.


    • Powerful Webmail, writing emails in html or text
    • POP, IMAP, and MAPI, with SSL support by default
    • Mailing list, aliases, and auto-responder
    • Powerful filters to classify or redirect the incoming or outgoing mail
    • Direct access to personal address books or shared
    • Support for multiple identities
    • Ability to retrieve emails from external POP account
    • Subscribing to RSS feeds from within webmail
    • Many plugins to add functionality
    • Ability to delegate management of a mailbox or account to another domain user
    • Support for keywords (tags) to group emails and find them more easily
  2. Diary: Zimbra offers a powerful calendaring, shared and compatible with Outlook, iCal via iSync, syncs with the iPhone, and the majority of Smartphones and PDAs


    • Accessible via webmail
    • Shared with members of the same field
    • Compatible with iCal invitations and Exchange
    • Ability to delegate a calendar to a colleague or an assistant such as a Multi Agenda
    • Overlay multiple calendars
    • Subscribe to external calendars through CalDAV
    • Creating recurring appointments
    • Multiple seen, day, work week, work week, month
    • Management of resources such as meeting rooms, objects, etc …
    • Support for keywords (tags) to group events and find them more easily
  3. Tasks: Zimbra has a module-shared task


    • Management of simple task
    • Recurring Task
    • Sharing with domain members
    • Start date/end date
    • Percentage of completion of the tasks
    • Support for keywords (tags) to group tasks and easier to find
  4. Contacts: Zimbra offers the ability to manage multiple address books, synchronized and connected to corporate directories.


    • Synchronize
    • Update to the iPhone and Smartphone devices
    • Support for multiple address book
    • Book Group
    • Compatibility Exchange
    • Unlimited number of contact, however, it is highly recommended not to include massive numbers of contacts for performance reasons.
    • Support for keywords (tags) to group tasks and easier to find
  5. Briefcase: Zimbra offers a feature to store documents of all types in their account and create online text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, like Google doc.
  6. Features:

    • Management of all types of documents
    • Sharing files with users of the same field
    • Management of permissions fine
    • Web Publishing
    • Creating text document (versioning support)
    • Creation of spreadsheet document (versioning support)
    • Creation of document type presentation (support versioning)
    • Accessible webdav
    • Support for keywords (tags) to group tasks and easier to find