Terms Relating to Web Hosting (Series P, R)

November 6, 2006 / Web Hosting

Packet Switching – This term refers to the data from one computer sent to another broken up into packets and sent along the best routes. Parts of the original data are tagged with information. Where it is from and where it is going so this allows all different types of packets.

PGP – Pretty Good Privacy. One of the most popular and widely used encryption systems.

Plugin – An extension, similar to modules can executed within browsers to take advantage or compatible with certain functions.

PPP – Point to Protocol. A version of TCP/IP software designed to handle Internet communications over dial-up connections.

Private Key – The key used to decrypt cypher text in public-key cryptography.

Public Key – The key used to encrypt plain text in public-key cryptography.

Public-Key Cryptography – A form of cryptography that uses two keys: a public key and a private key.

Public-Key Encryption – An encryption method that uses a pair of keys. A public one that encrypts the message and a private one that decrypts it.

Router – A computer found at each intersection on the Internet backbone that examines incoming data (eg packets) and forwards its data to its destination.

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