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Steps To Creating A Custom Button In Plesk

1. The first step would be to login to your Plesk admin area.

2. Select “Custom Buttons” >> “Add New Button” option.

3. Create a label for the new button. The following page is the text which will appear under the button.

4. Enter the button name in “Button label” option.

5. You can choose to have the link displayed either on the admin page or in the navigation pane.

6. ‘Priority setting’ decides the order in which custom buttons are displayed.

7. With “ Background image” You can use your own button image. If you don’t select anything, the default button image will be used.

8. In “URL” option, you have to enter the URL to which you wish to direct the user after selecting the button.

9. Using the checkboxes, specify whether to include the data, like domain id, name of the organization, customer’s details to be transferred with the URL. These data can be required for processing by external web applications.

10. Enter help tip in “context help tip contents ”. These tips will be shown when users hover the Cursors over the button.

11. If you wish the destination URL to be opened in the control panel’s right frame then choose the open URL inside the control panel frame checkbox. Leave it unchecked if you don’t want it.

12. If you want it to be visible to all then select it other wise not.

13. Select “OK” button which is present in the right bottom of this page.

14. Now you are done with the process. You have successfully created custom button which will be visible at the Domain administration page of every domain.