Setting up a Dual-Boot System in a Debian Linux

January 27, 2007 / General Discussion

In this situation, the following are possible –

  • On a single HD, Unpartitioned space
  • Second unpartitioned HD

For instance, the following is the situation of your system –

> Windows exists on the system
> Aiming for a Dual-boot
> The system HD does not have a second partition / Unpartitioned HD which has Windows Installation
> If the Windows Version is 9x/ME, GRUB is required and will not use any other boot manager

The following is the procedure –

> To check the format of HD,
My Computer>Right-Click on C Drive>Properties>Check Type of File System

> Run Debian Installation > turn to Partitioning Disk Screen > Manually Edit partition table > Enter
> On the partition screen, scroll down to Free Space which is normally unpartitioned > Enter > This will create a Linux Partition
> Then select Automatic Partition > Enter
> Select Default All Files as partition scheme > Enter
> On the next screen, it will show the #1 partition which is the Windows partition
> #2 partition for the Debian Installation
> #5 refers to the Swap partition
> Finish partition and save changes
> This will create the Base package
> It will then prompt and ask “Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record” > Yes
> Remove CD and Reboot
> Grub will then start loading Debian as default