Requirement of load-balancing dedicated server

October 4, 2008 / Dedicated Server Hosting

If there is only one dedicated web server that responds to HTTP request on the website, the load on that web server increases and cannot handle high volume of incoming traffic. This is normally the case once the website received large number of traffic. This hinders the performance of the website and all requests in queue until all processed. It is important that we upgrade the dedicated server hosting package to a  load balancing dedicated server hosting configuration.

The load needs to distributed among various servers to improve the performance of the server and maintain 100% Uptime on the server. This applies to application as well as database server. In this case, we will consider HTTP request that uses the feature known as IP spraying. Or rather also called as load / network dispatcher. It checks each HTTP request and redirects to the server or the cluster of servers. It also used for fail-over dedicated server specifications.