Private Servers ( VPS )

April 30, 2008 / vps hosting

How is a Virtual Private Server different than shared hosting?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting eliminates the restrictions of shared hosting by giving you the power and flexibility exactly like a dedicated server with your own set of services and with more disk space. Shared hosting is limited in comparison to Virtual Private Server because its users do not have administrative access and software configurations cannot be customized, despite the fact that physical resources are also multiplexed.

With a Virtual Private Server you can control your own unique file system. And CGI-BIN, disk space, system resources, bandwidth and memory allotments. You will get root access to your Virtual Private Server by which you can install application from you end.

Bodhost provides both Linux Virtual Private Server as well as Windows Virtual private servers. All our VPS are fully managed and 24×7 monitored. For further information you can contact us through live chat or send us an email at [email protected].