Control Panels

Plesk 8.0

What is Plesk?

It is a web server administration control panel. Highly recommended for windows web hosting to cope up the website management. It is well similar to cPanel, Ensim, and others. For an instance, you can manage windows server administration with the help of Plesk such set up new websites, email accounts, and DNS entries via a web based interface. As similar to cPanel, Plesk also easy to use so there is matter if you don’t have administration skills.

How to backup and restore files in Plesk 8

1. Log in to Plesk 8 >> (Now we assume already logged into Plesk Panel)

Now let’s learn how to back up and restore files.

2. Click on the Backup Icon >> You will see the main backup page where you can create immediate backups, restore files, or schedule backups to occur at a last time.

Let’s learn how to schedule backups.

3. Click on scheduled backup icon >> Now will see the main page of scheduled backup >>

4. Task >> Back Time >> Enter the time of day you want the backup to go on >>

5. Backup period >> Choose how often (frequently or period the backup is to go on) >> Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

6. Number of backup files record in repository >> Ex. 1000

7. Add prefix to backup file names >> Ex. backup

8. Send notification on errors if any happen during backup to email >> Enter an email address to for backup notifications.

9. Click on OK button when finished >> Still you are not quite finished  >> Go back into scheduled backup.

10. You must enable the scheduled backup by clicking on Enable button >> That’s it. Backups will be scheduled to happen at given details.

Let’s return to the backup manager.

11. To make an immediate backup of your account click on Backup Now button >> Now you will see the backup information page where you get the details of >> Backup file name >> Comments

12. Click on Backup Now button >> You will see the progress of domain backup >> When the backup is finished, click on OK button >>  The backup of your account will be listed there.

13. To download the backup on your personal computer >> Scroll Right  >> Click on the download icon >> Save the file >> Backup will be saved on you computer.

14. To restore a previously made backup, simply click on the appropriate backup >> If the backup you want to restore is located on your computer >> Click on Add new file icon to upload it first

15. To return the Plesk homepage >> Click on Home icon (Left side below the General option)