February 8, 2011 / Content Management Systems

OpenRealty is an application developed for realtors for efficient real estate listing management. This is a web-based, commercial application created in PHP. It is quite popular as it’s easy to understand and use. Open-Realty is a Real Estate listing system featuring attachments, flexible search, template system, and Google Maps integration.

Open Realty has a simple installation process, comes with a system for blogging and lead capture, an SEO feature for listings to feature in search engines, customizable templates, a virtual tour for listings, advanced search, and many other features. Openrealty also provides other add-ons such as IDX data importer, RETS data importer, and advanced Google map integration for creating a complete and functional realty estate website.

Features for Realtors :

Realtors can benefit from its unique features like an integrated publisher that supports embedding listing info into its pages, as well as support for importing existing blogs from WordPress.

  1. Inbuilt SEO support for listings to get indexed by search engines.
  2. Integrated lead management, forums to engage customers and interact with them. Also easy to manage leads through the admin area.
  3. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor so page contents can be easily edited.
  4. Add a limitless number of descriptive fields to listings.
  5. List various types of properties with the support for multiple property classes. (Residential, Commercial, Land, etc..)
  6. You can also create independent property class listings for properties that do not fall in any above categories.
  7. Create customized listing search criteria through the admin area.
  8. Multiple image support for a single listing- all at one time, or one at a time.
  9. Open-Realty automatically creates image thumbnails from your original uploaded photo.
  10. You can add virtual tour files for individual listings.
  11. You can set restrictions on users for viewing the listings: all users, registered users, or other registered agents.
  12. Map support- Open-Realty can add links giving details about maps, schools, and neighborhoods for the particular listing.

Features for Designers :

  1. Easy configuration and installation.
  2. Template design compliant with XHTML 1.0.
  3. Customizable templates with easy design- create easy listings, content, search results, and more.
  4. Simple WYSIWYG Editor for easy content customization without changing template design.

Server Requirements :

  1. It is capable of creating outbound links from the user’s server to HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) Servers (Ports).
  2. PHP v5.2 or advance
  3. PHP GD Support or ImageMagick
  4. PHP Multibyte String Support
  5. PHP CURL support
  6. PHP OpenSSL support
  7. PHP Zip support
  8. PHP Short Tag support disabled
  9. PHP Magic Quotes off
  10. PHP ionCube Loader support
  11. MySQL 5 or advance
  12. Apache mod_rewrite (need to Search engine optimizations Friendly URLs)
  13. Apache mod_expires (suggested )
  14. Apache mod_headers (suggested )