When MySQL fails, it shows Errcode: 30

April 16, 2021 / SQL

In this tutorial, we’ll explain to you the problems stemming when MySQL fails to begin and shows Errcode:30

What is MySQL?

MySQL is basically a Structure query language. MySQL lets you access and handle databases. It is a computer language for storing and retrieving data stored in relational databases.

Why MySQL fails to begin and shows errcode: 30

Sometimes you may log in to the WHM or your server command-line interface and try to restart MySQL. MySQL might fail to start with: Errcode:30 – Read-only File System.

 Description: Whenever you try to start a service, you see an error reporting the file system is read-only.

Workaround: First of all you need to remount the drive so it allows read and writes. Before mounting your device, you need to check /var/log/messages for any kind of signs of disk issues, and consider running a smart scan.

How can you determine a problem is due to File System Errors?

To check the mounts and remount with mount, you can remount with mount -o remount,rw <partition>

We sincerely hope that you now have a clear idea how to resolve MySQL when it fails to begin with Err code: 30. However, if you are still facing any difficulty in the procedure mentioned above, feel free to reach out to the bodHOST Team for proactive 24×7 support.

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