Main Features of eNlight – Auto-Scalable Cloud Computing Design

January 28, 2014 / FAQs



No wonder, cloud computing is considered to be the mainstream technology for most companies since it was introduced. According to the study Beyond Infrastructure: Cloud 2.0 Signifies New Opportunities for Cloud Service Providers, a Microsoft Corp.-commissioned study conducted by 451 Research LLC., today there are new emerging technologies for cloud hosting services that have left behind traditional hosting infrastructure.

A business-ready cloud features uptime, trust, security, technical expertise, and performance which differentiates it from other cloud architectures. eNlight cloud, introduced by bodHOST hosting service is the same business-ready cloud that differs from other traditional clouds.

Here are the top features of eNlight cloud hosting that will surely help your business to innovate and grow –

  • Computing resources scaled up automatically and seamlessly as per demand.
  • These resources then scaled down as demand reduces that further minimizing the costs of the customer.
  • Maximum limits set for the scaling of CPU power, RAM, and bandwidth to ensure that you remain within budget.
  • Auto-scaling individual to each VM so that it can be disabled, if necessary.
  • Encourages efficient use of resources without impacting system performance. This is a standard feature of the eNlight Cloud so you don’t have to pay any additional fees to access it.

Performance Models with eNlight Cloud

bodHOST’s eNlight offers two different performance models so that you can choose an option that suits your requirements.  Each model is based on the usage of cache memory and RAM.  Cache memory seen as being an extension of RAM, which primarily used by computers to access information more quickly than it can be done so from disk.

Under some circumstances, the cache memory grow unhealthily large which results in a majority of the RAM being reserved for cache purposes. This is the main design of most Linux distributions. Because it improves the execution speeds of certain commands that have been executed previously. 

The amount of RAM that used for the purpose of cache memory can have huge implications on the performance of a Virtual Machine.  The two performance levels that eNlight offers so that you can enjoy high levels of performance are:

The economy-based model

With this model, there limits set on the size to which the cache memory of the RAM can grow.  As there is a limit on the size of the cache, there is often no need to increase the size of the RAM.  The economy-based model isn’t designed to offer high levels of performance. Because this impeded by data being accessed from the disk rather than from the memory. 

As this model focused on limiting the size of the cache, it is the more affordable of the two models and targeted more at customers running applications and databases that are small and don’t require high-performance benchmarks.

The performance-based model

bodHOST’s eNlight cloud offers a performance-based model for customers that have web applications and databases. That subject to high levels of traffic and where large amounts of data being processed constantly. 

For these customers, we suggest a solution that uses a considerably large cache size for the storage devices. So that we can increase performance by avoiding the repetitive fetching of the same information from drives several times over. This allows for handling future requests immediately.

There are certain scaling limitations for you to be aware of:

  1. Linux VMs can have their CPUs scaled from 1 CPU to 24 CPUs.
  2. The scaling capacity for Linux VMs runs from 512MB to 64GB with a security restriction in place at 16GB.
  3. Windows VMs can have their RAM scaled anywhere between 1GB and 4 GB.
  4. Windows VMs come with 4 CPUs as standard.

Since it’s a tough competitive world of business today. You shouldn’t miss something that is new and helps in your business enhancement. So, better give a try for our eNlight cloud solution and leave the cloud management to us.