If Access is denied to a website when opening a Browser –

December 8, 2006 / General Discussion
  1. Use the IP address instead of the Domain name, if you are able to do that then, it means that the domain name is not active or not propagated. For a new domain name, it takes weeks to release by InterNIC and propagated to DNS. For an existing domain, it is a possibility that be held at InterNIC. In this situation, InterNIC contacted for the same.
  2. After 72 hours of release by InterNIC, and still not able to see the website through the domain name, then clear browser cache.

    For Netscape Navigator –

    Options>Network Preference>Cache Tab>Clear Memory Cache Now and Clear Disk Cache Now>OK>Reload.

    For Internet Explorer –

    Select view>Options>Navigation Tab>Clear History>OK>Refresh.

  3. If the website is not accessible by you and by others, you will need to contact your local ISP.
  4. If unable to access the website through the domain name or IP address, there might be connectivity issues.
  5. Keep a regular update of the Bodhost.com web hosting forum in the Network Status section before submitting a ticket.