4 Steps to Get IP Address of all VMs in Hyper-V

4-Steps-to-Get-IP-Address-of-all-VMs-in-Hyper-VIn this short & sweet tutorial we will try to make our system admins job easier to manage Hyper-V platform, at least I hope. Whether for export, to find who own an IP address or to find an available IP address, etc… You may need to know quickly what are the IP addresses used by your VM on a Hyper-V host.

For this, we will rely on the Hyper-V module for PowerShell and specifically the Get-VM cmdlets.

So let’s see how to get VM IP with PowerShell

1. Open a PowerShell console (run as administrator) and enter the following command:

Get-VM | Get-Member

2. The widespread property of “NetworkAdapters” benefits us, so we will select:

Get-VM | Select-Object NetworkAdapters

3. Again if we remade a Get-Member about this command, you will get a number of important sub-properties, we will select a few:

Get-VM | Select-Object NetworkAdapters | Select-Object VMName, IPAddresses, switchName

These properties show the mane of the VM respectively, its IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and the name of the vSwitch on which the VM is connected.

4. An equivalent alternative and order can be:

Get-VM | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | ft VMName, IPAddresses, switchName

These methods are based on a cross-examination of integrated services installed in your VMs. Either a VM Windows or Linux, the result should be returned. By cons, if the virtual machine is not turned on, you cannot obtain the IP address. Do you know another command? If so kindly share it with us!