How to install VMware on a CentOS 5.0?

May 31, 2007 / FAQs Web Hosting

Open a terminal – Applications>Accessories>Terminal

To become root – type su>uname-r>The output will show kernel version

Installation of packages – Applications>add/remove

Type in the root password

In Package manager>go to browser tab>Select Development > Development Libraries and Development

> Development Tools

Search tab>and search for xinetd and select the package for installation

For the installation, install the kernel-devel package

Click on Apply

Proceed with the installation

To download VMware, you can log on to the website and download

Accept the agreement and download the .tar.gz file

In order to receive a VM registration no., you will need to log in and register with personal details

To install VMware > Applications>Accessories>Terminal

Type su for root

locate the file

Unzip the file and install

While installation, you can add in the serial number you received through registration.

Search for VMware > Applications > System Tools

Select localhost

You can thereafter create virtual machines

We hope you understood How to install VMware on a CentOS 5.0. Please do not hesitate to contact the bodHOST technical support team.