How To Connect With WS_FTP?

April 27, 2011 / FAQs

It really doesn’t matter, which FTP software you choose for your specific needs. They all work pretty similar to one another. Here we are going to see how to create a new site with WS_FTP.

First, open the WS_FTP Program >>  Click on File option >> Select New Site >> Enter your website details. as you received in the welcome email. Remember do not include http:// in front of your website. Once you finish the above task you will see that your website is listed on the right-hand side.

The next step is to enter a username and password >> Double-click on your site. You will see the new window where you want to enter your user id and password. This is the very important part because most the new webmasters feel difficulty.

To create the main account >> Enter user_name, as an admin, just make sure to enter it without @ part. If you join with @, then won’t work.

When you are going to create a sub-account to include a new WS_FTP account for a particular folder enter user_name as with @. If you enter it without @, then the sub-account won’t work.

The next part is as usual, to enter your password in the password field. Check the save password and passive mode boxes, then click on the save button. To see the next step click on advanced properties.

To set the advanced properties click on the start-up option and enter the remote site folder as a /public_html/, then click on the OK button. After this click connect.

Once you connect to your site you will see the files and folders on the left-hand side. Which are on your machine. The files and folders on the right-hand side are those files and folders, which are on your website.

You can use the – > and < – buttons in the middle to transfer files and folders from your machine to the site or site to the machine by clicking on the files and folders in the window.

Note: If you are using the Ensim control panel, then place all the files in HTML. If you are using the cPanel control panel, then place them in public_html. You can create more folders from there, but they should be in the html or public_html folders. And cgi programs need to be uploaded in the cgi-bin folder. You can also create sub-folders there.

While uploading cgi programs with the file extension .pl, .pm, .cgi make sure you have uploaded them in the ASCII format, not Auto. Actually, most of the files uploaded in ASCII expecting for binary files such as zip files, images, and programs.