How to Configure E-mail in Outlook Express?

December 23, 2006 / General Discussion
  1. Start OE, on the top,
    Click on Tools; select Accounts
  2. When an Internet Accounts Windows pops up, you will find Add Button –
    Click on Add > Select Mail
  3. Name > Next > E-mail Address > Next
  4. In the Incoming mail server, select POP3.
    In Outgoing server name and Incoming server name >
  5. Type in E-mail address in account name > Type Password > Next
  6. Click on Finish.
  7. Click on the properties tab in Accounts Window –
    Servers tab>If Unchecked (my servers require authentication) >check the box>Click Apply
  8. Go to the Advanced tab>If Unchecked (Leave a copy of messages on the server) > Click on Apply>Ok>Close the Window.
  9. On top, click on Send/Receive.
  10. If yet, you are not able to connect to the SMTP server; your Internet service provider might be blocking port 25. You will need to contact your ISP.

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