How To Check Your Virtual Server’s Traffic Stats In Power Panel?

September 5, 2011 / vps hosting

You have to follow the following steps to find out your vps server’s traffic stats in the power panel :

  1. First you have to log in to your Virtuzzo power panel (VZPP).
  2. Click on the “traffic log” option.
  3. You can see the traffic statistics page, Which enables you to view information on all incoming and outgoing traffic for your virtual private server over a spending time period in the past.
  4. After scrolling down you can see the following page.
  5. You can specify which period you want the traffic details for.
  6. Simply select the period you want to view.
  7. Click on the “refresh” button.
  8. Scroll down.
  9. At the bottom of the page you can see a breakdown of all incoming and outgoing traffic in the specified period.
  10. Scroll back up to the top.

Click on “Top” button to return to the main screen.