FAQs on E-Commerce Solution

May 6, 2011 / FAQs

Q. What is E-Commerce?
Ans: You can sell products and services on the Internet with the help of an E-Commerce solution.

Q. What is a merchant account?
Ans: If you want to accept credit cards, then you must have a merchant account with a bank. For Internet commerce and electronic payment where the card is not present, you must set up a merchant account. In the United States, several banks can issue different types of credit cards, however, discounted rates and terms and conditions may vary from bank to bank.

It is highly recommended that you research banks’ terms and policies to find which one, which bank is the best option for your business plans. In addition, it is a nice idea to get familiar with specific issues surrounding to merchant accounts before approaching a bank.

Q. Why do I need to accept credit cards?
Ans: If you think to sell your products and services over the Internet so it is obvious that you need to accept credit cards. Also, you will get instant access to huge numbers of new customers. If you do some research on the Internet about E-commerce.

You will find it is increasing by a huge percentage per year. Your customers may feel more comfortable if you offer them a credit card option. With the help credit card, they can place an order at your website anytime. And you can process it instantly or during your operational hours.

Q. What do I need to accept credit cards?
Ans: First, you need a merchant account with a bank, and second shopping cart software, or simply a telephone to transfer the information to the bank. You can select one of the options based on what you sell, how much you sell, your resources and staff, and your budget. Also, there are several online credit card processing gateways available.

Q. I want to use an online payment gateway for sending credit information to the bank. Is it a secure way?
Ans: Online payment gateways; a customer can send the credit card information via a secured server directly to the processing gateway, it will be sent to the bank by the real-time processing system, and after approval or cancellation, a message will be sent back to the customer at the site where originally purchase entered.

Q. What are the options available for online payment gateways?
Ans: You can opt for PayPal, 2 checkouts, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Authorize.net, and the number of transaction services.

Q. What shopping cart options are available to run an online e-commerce website?
Ans: There are many options available such as Magento, Oscommerce, Zen Cart, and many more. So you have a wide range of variety for selection.

Q. Can I integrate a shopping cart application into my existing website?
Ans: There are several options available to do so. Like if you would like to use a shopping cart only for your storefront, then you can do so by creating a simple sub-domain.

For example. Eshop.yourdomain.com or you can simply link products from your present website over to the shopping cart and checkout functionality.

Q. How do I guarantee my customers that my e-shop website is fully secured for transactions?
Ans: You will be able to purchase a private SSL certificate for your e-shop website along with the web hosting account from us.

SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security for all of your transactions. Basically, when your customers click on your secure order form, a closed lock sign will display at the bottom of their browser, which indicates that the transaction about take place is secure.