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eNlight Cloud computing explained


Cloud computing or cloud services are everywhere. But this new concept is still unclear to the general public.

How do you define cloud computing?

People have been using cloud services for a long time without knowing it. The best examples are Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. The main aim behind these email services are to provide an access to resources that are somewhere around the Internet and can be accessed free of charge. However, in case of webmail where the user requires a guaranteed level of services with additional security, cloud service providers then charge them a bit like water, gas, or electricity consumption, you pay for what you use.

Can we say that eNlight is a revolution for the IT industry?

It is an economic revolution, but not technological. Because it is based on long established technologies.

What is the value of cloud computing?

It is mostly economic and therefore ideal for entrepreneurs, as there is no capital investment required to purchase heavy hardware resources. The second advantage is auto scalability. For example, online stores, which have the peak load, in festival seasons and much less load the rest of the year. For these kind of businesses cloud hosting service is beneficial as it provides the necessary resources during the peak time and allows to scale down resources when the load is much less.

Where are the eNlight cloud resources located?

They may well be in our giant data centres in US, UK, and Asia. The more data centre allows us to provide greater response time and help us to offer services all over the world.

Apart from enlight cloud, which are other types of cloud server hosting solutions bodHOST offers?

For additional securities to large enterprises we offer private cloud and enterprise cloud solutions, which are not shared. The goal is to provide the same benefits with additional secure control over the large company’s private cloud environment.

Can it be possible to padlock the data in a private space, means a digital safe place?

Such type of service exists and it makes sure that nobody can access the data, including the cloud service provider. In this type of service, data usually in the encrypted format and only the user has the keys to access. When we want to store our private data, it works effectively, but to offer a similar kind of service to customers is a little bit complicated because to provide unique copies of key in large scale and it is a challenging task (not impossible) but today, we are not able to offer this service to general users.

Can you imagine, in the future, we no longer need to buy more powerful computers and hard drives to work and store data?

Not really. Although, many research and developments are performed in the cloud, but I think we will always need the above powerful resources. In addition, the contextual  data in the future  will require that the computer who knows in what situation the user is located. We will need to interact with smarter systems and therefore we can say that cloud computing will increase the capacity of the workstation.