Dual Quad Core Xeon 5550, 5500 Servers, Workstations, and Storage System

February 6, 2012 / Dedicated Server Hosting

Dell Quad Core Xeon X5550 2.66 GHz designed for multiprocessor systems. The architecture consists of four quad-core execution units, also called processing units, within a single processor. This processor offers excellent performance and a high processing capacity for high Internet server loads. Thus, the response time, the number of supported users and scalability improves strongly. This product has tested and validated by Dell.

These servers can give a whole new portfolio to your business. In addition, servers are available in several formats such as towers, blades, rack mounts, workstations, new storage system Equalogic, software, and services, etc …

Furthermore, the Dell PowerEdge M series blade servers basically designed around the Intel Xeon 5500, according to Dell, these servers provide an optimal level of virtualization, easy-to-use system administration, etc …

With these systems, the web hosting provider can claim the highest level of performance per watt on their dedicated servers.

By providing an integrated administration with a single access point, Dell also claimed that the architecture of their servers offers a purchase price lower than their competitors (especially HP).

Blade Servers –

Dell’s blade servers are most popular for faster deployment than HP and IBM Blade Servers. Additionally, Dell has developed a function ImageDirect, which helps to simplify the administration of the image servers and facilitate their development. Companies create images of servers and ask them to implement them during the manufacturing of the server in the factory.

This avoids time-consuming manual configuration. Hence, the deployment times shortened and the time span to operate such servers decreased by almost 45%. The device allows to quickly stabilize such systems during the operation.

Workstations –

Moreover, Dell Precision workstations designed around Intel Xeon 5500 microprocessors, which are characterized by advanced administrative capacity and thermal characteristics.

The new family includes the Dell Precision T7500, T5500, and T3500 tower. These stations designed for technical applications, media industries, biosciences, etc… All these servers feature the Energy Star 5.0 certification.

Side Software –

The Dell Management Console (DMC), which is borrowed from Altiris and Symantec aims to bring a single-point environment to entire administration systems for all computing.

Storage System –

EquaLogic PS6000 storage system provides higher level performance, advanced virtualization abilities, and more value to your business. It integrates seamlessly into a storage area network SAN Equalogic to form a virtualized storage.

Dell includes the SAN HeadQuarters solution, which is a centralized dashboard for monitoring performance and the different events of dozens of PS systems, up to 10 PB (petabytes) of storage capacity in a network.

Finally, Dell offers data center consulting services as well. It allows evaluation of the performance of the data center, costs of materials, virtualization of servers, and the optimization of backup and restoration.