Dotproject – Project Management Software

February 11, 2011 / Content Management Systems

A web-based interface, multiple user access, and multiple language-supporting application for project management is the actual identity of the dot project. Similar to another kind of CMS software it is also an open-source application and available free to use.

Dotproject is supported by an open community of programmers who perform the tasks willingly and without any pay. This open community usually maintains the most usual operations of this project to keep its performance advanced.

The main intent behind this application is to provide control functionality and project design to make it more useful to manage different project tasks smoothly, however, you need to understand what project management is all about.

Project management is just about organizing a group of projects and a schedule related to those projects, to accomplish a final result. The quality of those projects and the schedules and any related functionality will depend on the type of tasks that you can manage.

Features List

  • Project management and Task scheduling
  • Help Desk
  • To-Do List
  • Forums
  • Access control through ACL
  • Reporting
  • History of all activities
  • Calendar
  • Companies, Departments, and contacts