Dedicated Servers : Random access memory or RAM

January 16, 2008 / Dedicated Server Hosting

RAM in a dedicated web server is as important as your local machine or server. It aims to store data. RAM follows the format of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 ( 1GB ) These days most PC’s use DIMM slots. However, the high-end configuration systems use RIMM technology. You need to make sure you opt for the right selection. In this situation, you need to check the limitation of your PC.

In order to receive the best performance, RAM should meet in speed, parity and type. Slots are assigned as per the configuration and compatibility of the processor. They may have 2 or even more slots. This is known as Dual Channel. The most common RAM known today is SDRAM.

RAM ( Memory Selection )

Brief Glossary on RAM :

DDR – Double Data Rate
DDR 1(400MHz or less) and DDR 2(400MHz or more)
ECC – Error-Correcting Code memory
RAM Standards are set by Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
SDRAM – synchronous dynamic random access memory

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