Databases: Oracle MySQL 5.6

February 22, 2013 / Database


With a newer version of MySQL (MySQL 5.6), you get improved processing speed, replication, instrumentation, and query optimization.

The management system of open source databases MySQL taking place now in version 5.6. This version brings many advancements, and the same is available in the Community Edition of the offer provided by Oracle.

Here are some of the latest MySQL 5.6 features:

  • MySQL optimizer improved (enriched diagnostic, optimization of subqueries …)
  • Engine storage InnoDB optimized (flow up to 230% faster, enhanced availability …)
  • New replication features (clusters of self-replication repair, replication up to 5 times faster …)
  • Instrumentation magazine (better monitoring queries, objects, users, and applications);
  • IPv6 compliance, optimizing the default configuration, etc.

More Efficient, More Reliable, More Flexible

“The new improved MySQL 5.6 brings and illustrates once more the Oracle investment for innovation of MySQL, which is now an ideal solution for web applications, cloud services and embedded as the most demanding choice for webmasters, “ said Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL Engineering.