Cpanel / WHM Installation

January 3, 2007 / Control Panels

You will require a License for a Cpanel, in order to do the following -mkdir /home/cp install
cd /home/cp install
sh latest

This will start the installation and will take around 30 minutes. After completion of the process, the following made a note –

Scanning suexec_log…Done
……..Cleaning Up……….. Done

In order to check, execute /scripts/upcp

Now, login into WHM,


The following message displayed –

It appears this is your first time using web host managerĀ®. This wizard will guide you through setting up your server.

Click on Next>Accept Eula>Fill in details of the server>Click on Next>and follow the simple procedure till Finish.

Cpanel and WHM are now installed on the server.