Comparison Between AMD and Intel Core 2 Quad

February 13, 2012 / General Discussion

In this post, I am trying to compare AMD and Intel Core 2 Quad processors.

In the consumer market of processors two big brands are competing directly, Intel & AMD. For several years sometimes Intel dominates AMD and sometimes AMD dominates Intel. Currently, Intel is dominating with its outstanding Core i3, Core i7, Core 2, and other models in the lower range.

Before the advent of these, AMD had managed to surprise its direct competitor with the famous Athlon 64-bit, and its professional Opteron series. These processors were offering very good performance but were also cost-efficient when compared to their competitors. But these AMD servers not satisfied to offer leading performance, even Athlons and other Opterons allow consistent overclocking.

Today, these servers are still available in the market and offer good performance. Certainly much lower than those of their competitors whose processors are based on the architecture Core 2.

However, today if you want to set up a new workstation, or want a compatible option for virtualization, several choices are available. Previously the choices were limited to the range of Intel and AMD because the processors offered by these manufacturers were somewhat overwhelmed by the situation and above all out of breath.

To stay in the competition AMD launched an upgraded version of its processor Phenom. Which was reviewed at several levels and renamed Phenom II. To be precise, the fine engraving was increased, and the third-level cache was tripled. And has undergone some enhancements to improve performance. Now let’s see who wins the competition.