Security Issues – Linux – APF Firewall (IP-Tables / Netfilter)

September 7, 2007 / Web Hosting

APF Firewall (Advanced Policy Firewall)

Linux-based Firewall (Netfilter / IPtables)

Firewalls are known to secure networks to a major extent. has always aimed to provide better security to all our customers. Our support team works day and night to provide even better service in the security of all our clients.

Advanced Policy Firewall is a Linux-based firewall that aims to fulfill today’s needs for security. It is provided in the form of IPtables or Netfilter. ‘apf’ is a common command used that provides stats and information to us.

It normally follows the following rule :

> Static rule-based policies – Traffic management of incoming and outgoing connections
> Connection based stateful policies – Known Connections will only be allowed
> Sanity based policies – Management of different traffic

Some of the features of APF are as follows –

> Configuration file (detailed)
> Inbound and Outgoing filters
> Known Connection / application filters
> Rule downloads
> Reactive address blocking (RAB)
> feature test in debugging mode
> speeding connection features
> Individual network connections
> global tcp/udp port / icmp filters
> Rate of packet flows
> network rule configurations
> network / IP bans
> Verification of Routing
> Attack filters
> Traffic detection
> Easy Configuration
> p2p application filters
> network stats
> Kernel Configurations with firewall
> Network limit set