Benefits and Installation of Drupal CMS

January 25, 2011 / Content Management Systems Web Hosting


Drupal is one of the popular content management system in the market. This CMS software has written in PHP and it is an open source application. Management tools in this software support various types of functionality so user can handle wide range of content easily. This CMS is a good source to create blogs, commercial, community, and classified web site. The requirement of blog or commercial site can be easily managed through this content management system.

This is an advantageous open source CMS application, which helps to create e-commerce store as well. Its excellent usability makes it a strong contender so it is hard for other CMS types to beat Drupal.

Availability of modules (Plugins) increase core functionality of this software. What you need to do is just clicks enable modules by choosing the “enabled check-boxes” and click on save configuration button. Once a plug-in is enabled, new permissions may be available. There is one more advantage, which helps to reduce web server load. You need to enable “Throttle” plug-in with other modules so when your blog or website extremely busy then your selected modules will be disabled.

Drupal can be installed with few clicks through cPanel/ Fantastico, which makes it so easy. According to requirements of Drupal installation it can be easily converted into Blog, Website, or Forum.

Installation of Drupal through cPanel/ Fantastico.

  • Login to cPanel >> Select Fantastico
  • Content Management >> Click on Drupal.
  • Click on New Installation >> Installation location >> Install on domain.
  • Admin access data >> Enter Administrator-user-name (you need this to enter the protected admin area).
  • Password >> Enter password (you need this to enter the protected admin area).
  • Base configuration >> Admin e-mail (your email address).
  • Click on Finish installation to continue.