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Automatically logoff a disconnected windows user

We come across with a query of automatically logging of a Windows user which is already disconnected. If you are also facing same issue, then check the following guidelines. Note: the steps for this starts from “Windows Group Policy”.

1) Log in to your Windows Server
2) Open “Group Policy” by running command through “Run” tab -> gpedit.msc
3) On the left side you will see “Administrative Templates” – Click on that option

disconnected windows user_1

4) On the right side there is “Windows Components” – Click on that file.
5) Now click on “Terminal Services”

disconnected windows user_2
6) In “Terminal Services” you will see three files – select “Terminal Server”.

disconnected windows user_3

7) After clicking on “Terminal Server” you will see several files > select “Session Time Limits”.

disconnected windows user_4

8) In “Session Time Limits” you will see “Set time limit for disconnected sessions” isn’t configured.

disconnected windows user_5

9) Click on “Set time limit for disconnected sessions” – you will see setting options.

disconnected windows user_6

10) Click on “Enabled” and select a time-span.

disconnected windows user_7

11) Now click on “Apply” and then “OK”

disconnected windows user_8

That’s it!!!