ASP .NET Dedicated Web Hosting

January 11, 2007 / Dedicated Server Hosting

ASP.NET is a scripting framework that has been developed by Microsoft for web developers. That wish to make the most of what the Windows operating system has to offer since ASP.NET offers perfect integration with a majority of the Windows features as well as other Microsoft applications.

ASP.NET will only function correctly on Windows web hosting servers meaning that if you have developed your website using ASP.NET. The only form of web hosting that will be suitable for your requirements are Windows web hosting services. Which will, unfortunately, come at an added premium.

ASP.NET is able to offer you advanced features that aren’t available with any other scripting languages or frameworks. Such as advanced support for a wide variety of AJAX features. That will allow you to develop an up-to-date and easy-to-use website.

Although open-source alternatives such as PHP and Perl may be a more tempting solution to those who are looking to save money. ASP.NET will provide you with a framework on which you can develop highly scalable web applications suitable for deployment in situations where reliability and security are two factors that must be achievable.

ASP.NET web hosting services offered by most web hosting providers offer you a nice choice when you come to choosing your Windows web hosting service. But make sure that you choose a web hosting package that suits your requirements ideally so that you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

When choosing a scripting language to develop your website in, you will want to consider how big your website is going to become as well as any previous experience that you may have with web development.

If you have developed dynamic websites before then it is a good idea to use the scripting language. Or framework that you have the most experience with as this will allow you to produce a high-quality final product.

In terms of scalability, you will find that ASP.NET probably the most scalable scripting framework available as it has a design with large organizations in mind meaning that it will be easy to deploy ASP.NET into an environment where the web application concerned going to put under high loads.

Choosing ASP.NET will allow you to develop scalable web applications that can also guarantee a high level of security. And in the situation where your website’s visitors are going to be entering their personal data into your website. security should be one of your priorities.

Windows web hosting services are more expensive than Linux web hosting services because web hosting providers have to factor the cost of the Windows operating system license into the prices that they charge for their Windows web hosting services.

The Windows operating system, like ASP.NET, designed with businesses in mind when being used in a server hosting environment meaning that able to offer you reliability and security at a high level. By using ASP.NET you will be able to make the most of the features that Windows has to offer by integrating them into any scripts or web pages that you develop.

ASP.NET should only really used if you wish to develop a dynamic website that is going to utilize a database in one way or another otherwise, you are just wasting time when in fact basic HTML web pages will be more than suitable for your requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access stand out as two widely adopted database systems employed in ASP.NET web pages and scripts. Microsoft Access, a desktop database application, proves ideal for smaller deployments due to its cost-effectiveness. However, it falls short in scalability compared to other database applications, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to deploy dynamic websites on a budget.

In contrast, Microsoft SQL Server meticulously designed as a highly scalable database server, catering to the needs of larger businesses. Offering enhanced security measures compared to Microsoft Access, SQL Server provides a robust solution for storing sensitive data in your database.

In some scenarios, you can also use other database systems with ASP.NET-based websites. Such as MySQL Server, although the potential to do this will depend on the server configuration.

Classic ASP is the older variant of ASP.NET that is no longer maintained by Microsoft. But it is still used by some web developers. As it can be much easier to learn and ideal for beginners wanting to create smaller websites.

Classic ASP supported by all versions of the IIS web server meaning that if you have a Windows web hosting service. The chances are that you will be able to host classic ASP web pages under it as well as ASP.NET web pages and scripts.

When choosing a web hosting service that will be capable of supporting your ASP.NET-based website. You need to be sure that you choose a Windows web hosting package for your requirements.

If you are only going to be hosting a small website that isn’t going to be receiving many visitors. Then a Windows shared web hosting service will more than suffice for your requirements. But most web hosting companies also have the resources and power to allow them to offer Windows VPS servers. And Windows dedicated servers for consumers that have complex requirements.

If you are looking at hosting multiple websites then you may also wish to consider Windows reseller hosting for your requirements.

In conclusion, ASP.NET is a very powerful scripting framework that is ideal for use when developing large. Corporate applications as is evident with the features that ASP.NET has to offer. Although Windows web hosting services are going to cost you a bit more than standard Linux web hosting services.

The benefit of being able to host an ASP.NET based website without any issues is usually more than enough to allow most businesses to justify the added cost. There are many different forms of Windows web hosting to choose from meaning that you should do your research to ensure that you make the correct choice.