Add-on Vs Parked Vs Sub-domains

bodHost understands the need of webmasters hence allows you to host multiple domains under an account. Especially over a Linux platform users get to host unlimited domains. We usually come across questions from users asking about whether to use this provision as add-on domains, sub-domains or a parked domain. Many users do come asking for the difference between the three, hence we thought of putting it in the form of an article with a view to helping people understand the core aspects that separate the domain types.

What is Primary/Main Domain ?

As the name suggests, a primary or a main domain is something which is allocated to your web hosting account. Users access their accounts over the server using this domain in particular. Even our billing department would create an account in our billing system using the primary domain name. So, the transactions and activities that happen would be recorded under this account.

Example of Primary Domain Name : www.bodhost.com

What is a Sub-domain?

Let me explain with an example : blog.bodhost.com, kb.bodhost.com, forums.bodhost.com

This might have given you a hint about what a sub-domain is. To explain it in more detail, any primary domain name with a prefix (such as blog, kb, forums in above example) would be its sub-domain. Having a sub-domain helps us organize the website based on the theme. Like we have 3 sub-domains where we have set-up our blog, knowledgebase and forums helps us organize the three themes individually.

At bodHost there’s no restriction to the number of sub-domains you create, all that you need to consider is the webspace you have with the hosting package. If you find it to be insufficient, upgrading it based on the requirements is always an option to choose.

What is an Add-On Domain ?

To make it simple to understand, an add-on domain is any domain which is added upon the primary domain held for a hosting account. Such a domain is entirely different that holds an entirely different URL.

Example of Add-on Domain : www.bodhostltd.com

Such a domain has a different content, files which is stored at an individual folder over the server.

When should you use a domain as an add-on domain?

Well, you may do so when you wish to build an individual website over a domain name but wish to utilize the unused space under the primary domain name. But it’s managed under the same control panel of the primary domain.

Use domains as “add-ons” when you wish to create a completely separate website on your account with its own domain name, apart from the primary domain name.

What is a Parked Domain?

In simple terms, a parked domain is the one that neither has a website, content, pages neither do emails operate over it. If you have any future plans of starting a different website over a particular domain, you can register and park it under the primary domain. When accessed via. browser it’d redirect to the primary domain anyways.

Many-a-times, large brands would usually register multiple domain names closely similar to the primary domain name to prevent competitors from using it. They’d usually park them so that the users would be redirected to the primary domain.

Example: Primary Domain: facebook.com

                 Parked Domains : facbook.com, facebok.com, facebook.biz, facebook.mobi etc.

If you still have any doubts with add-ons, parked and sub-domains, please initiate a chat with our Sales or Technical Support departments, we’d be happy to assist.

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