A little about PHP-NUKE

January 5, 2007 / General Discussion

The origination of PHP-NUKE

PHP-Nuke came from that new portal system which then became a self-news publisher and CMS which lied on the basis of PHP and MySQL. And was free software that was released under the GNU General Public License. The Interface manages the entire controlled system.

The person who buys this software is eligible to distribute the source code.

Requirement of PHP-Nuke-

  • PHP extensions web server
  • SQL database

Features –

  • It gives permission to webmasters in order to create a community-based portal.
  • PHP-Nuke also allows Modules to added in order to attach more features.
  • Web-based Administration maintained by the admin especially.
  • It is multi-Lingual.
  • It also allows Customization in appearance.