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The Role of Cloud Computing in AI & IoT

The tech juggernaut continues to roll. It is touching and changing almost every aspect of our lives. Smartphones and social media have already embarked the domination of human race by digital media. What’s next? So far, the almost unanimous opinion seems to be – The Internet of Things.

AI and IoT

The answer to this question is fairly simple – Cloud computing is currently experiencing a worldwide consolidation phase. It will certainly have an increasingly central role in support of those global digital transformation processes which shall involve IoT, mobile and AI. read more

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Transform SAP Hana platform for the Internet of Things

SAP is molting its basics in-memory data platform for Internet of Things, a promising solution that will operate the sensor data directly within business applications.

To mark sapphire now, in its annual event held in Orlando (Florida), SAP unveiled its platform for the Internet of Things (in short – IoT), just a dedicated movement to Hana Cloud Platform – the database in-memory editor available as a service. No essential function wanting to provide a platform for IoT, assured by Bernd Leukert, member of the SAP Executive Board. Neither connectivity nor the ability to store data to treat it in real-time or even predictive analytics functions. SAP has enriched the base of some specific functions such as management of connected objects including message management. read more

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