Key Web Hosting Features for Hospitality Companies

April 14, 2021 / Web Hosting

Key Web Hosting Features for Hospitality

Hotel website design has a magnificent impact on the way travellers book and choose the hotels for their stay. You can use this to your benefit. Your website should be visually appealing to reflect the expectations and dreams of the traveller. Only if a visit to your website excites them, will they plan a stay in your hotel. Introducing your hotel to the world through a fun, visually appealing online website, is the best way to usher travellers to your doorstep.

You should have the best quality website and web hosting services as your guests won’t settle for anything less when they are browsing online. You need to keep your website updated to accommodate the latest trends in design that are appealing to your potential guests.

Here are some tips to help you with your hotel website design. We have also mapped out the things you need to look for in your web hosting solution. For example, you need to hire a managed web hosting provider that provides your website with reliability, boosts performance and functionality. These are paramount in building a successful website and business.

Figure out the target audience for your business

The main element of building a successful online website is to figure out who your target audience is. The environment that your hotels or restaurants are set in will determine who your customers will be. If your hotel is surrounded by schools, you’ll probably be getting teachers and young adults as your customers. If it’s in the middle of a business hub, your clientele will be executives and high-end professionals. Hence, your website and business need to take into account the preferences of your guests depending on their age, work environment, etc. 

You can begin shaping up your website according to the target audience you have. If your clientele is younger, you can choose bright designs. However, a business person might be more attracted to a sleek design. Hence, finding your target audience helps you make all of these choices. Depending on your target audience, you can provide certain discounts or create pop-ups and separate pages that will provide details they might be looking for. Your target audience helps you anticipate the needs of your customers and provide them accordingly.

Pick out the perfect hotel design for your website

Merely existing online and sprouting out your business information is not sufficient. Your SEO value receives a boost with the perfect design. To increase your website traffic and bookings there are certain parameters you need to hit, like designing your website to catch your visitors eye, or ranking as high as possible on result pages of search engines. You need to also make the booking process easy and provide discounts, packages and promotions to boost visitors. Attractive images coupled with great content that provides all the information necessary in an easily accessible way can entice more customers to make a reservation. You should also provide instances to upgrade.

A staff dedicated website

Your website can have a separate area dedicated to your staff. It can boost efficiency and delivery services. They can also perform tasks like mastering their attendance, and letting the management know about problems that might crop up. It can also be used to communicate within the company to give our schedules and instructions. It is a huge upgrade for efficient management and helps provide your guests with a better experience.

Parameters to help you choose a hosting solution

  1. Website efficiency The software determines how efficiently your website operates. It depends on the variety of features offered, how current the content is, and the way it is presented to your customers. Hence, your choice of managed web hosting provider should be able to support scripts, software and applications employed by your website. You can take the help of your managed web hosting provider for export advice.
  2. Performance of your website You need a fast internet connection for your website to perform optimally. Your bandwidth determined the speed of your net. It will slow down the web pages accessed by your customers which can cause a huge problem of traffic spikes. The speed of your connection is considered to be the backbone of your website.
  3. Reliability of your website You should provide support and maintain 24/7 website availability. As your website grows you cannot afford downtime. You need to fix issues asap or it could affect your business.
  4. Security The internet can be a dangerous place where the security of your website can be a cause for concern. So your managed web hosting provider must ensure that your website is secure enough to keep you safe from malicious attacks by hackers, and other threats to your site. Your managed web hosting provider should have a plan to recover your website in case of disaster by setting up backups. SSL certificates, antivirus, firewalls, malware scanning and removal, are all a necessity to keep your website safe.


Recovering from this lock down can be made substantially less painful by choosing the perfect managed web hosting provider for all of your website’s needs. In a market that is witnessing a boom in digital technologies and online businesses, your managed web hosting provider can help you attract more customers to your business through your website. Hence, you can soar and grow your hospitality business using the right web host for your website.

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