7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Bare Metal Server

June 28, 2022 / Dedicated Servers


Bare metal servers continue to remain an important component of many IT systems. It is a rising and well-liked infrastructure hosting choice, particularly for small businesses because they are secure, affordable, powerful, and offers flexibility.

It provides an uncompromising experience. Bare metal is easily customizable and can be molded according to the tenant’s needs. Before we begin with the top reasons why you should opt for a bare metal server, let’s quickly go through the definition for the same.

What is a bare metal server?

The term “bare metal”, also known as a bare machine, denotes the hardware of the computer that is free from the visualization layer. A bare-metal server is a physical computer that is specially built to run dedicated services continuously without any interruptions for a lengthy period. It is extremely stable, long-lasting, and dependable.

Simply put, a bare-metal server is owning a house, personalizing it the way you want, without any “noisy neighbors” As a result of this physical separation, bare metal servers are immune to “noisy neighbors” that impact virtual environments.

Since it is a single-tenant environment, the owner has full control over the server and they can also choose how resources will be utilized. The owner does not share their hardware with other tenants, unlike shared hosting and VPS.

With such servers, you have the advantage of directly accessing the server and hardware architecture. Small businesses can benefit from this because of the availability of more options while creating a platform that will host an application or service.

Here are 7 top reasons why you should choose a base metal server.

  1. Performance If it comes down to performance, then bare metal servers offer the greatest execution among all servers. It is superior in performance because all of its resources are dedicated to one tenant. Bare metal servers have substantially more resources available to them, which improves performance even further.

    They are highly dependable for hosting sites, virtual machines, game servers, mobile applications, e-commerce stores, databases, etc. If your workloads or websites are slow, it’s a hint that you need a bare metal server.

  2. Customizable A broad range of configurations are available and they are extremely flexible. The owner has ultimate access over the server, which enables tweaking that shared hosting plans simply do not allow. This feature can be used to split resources to virtual machines, customize, or simply dedicate all resources to an application. A popular site can be supported by even the most basic bare metal server. And the most powerful servers feature hundreds of GB (gigabytes) and a dozen processors, allowing them to handle practically everything your company can throw at them. If you require a server that can be customized according to your requirements, then a bare metal server is the one to go for.
  3. Secure To get a better level of security and privacy compared to any other hosting service, choose a bare metal server as it isolates your data, programs, and other resources. This makes it extremely difficult for a hacker to access your system and steal any kind of data. Since the server is hosted in an isolated environment, you can additionally alter firewall settings according to your requirements with extra firewall configurations.
  4. Scalable You are provided with an option to either scale vertically (scaling up) or horizontally (scaling down). Scaling vertically is for shifting to a more powerful server. If the existing server cannot handle it, then the process of migrating to a server with more RAM is more vertical.

    Shifting servers is not a difficult process. Scaling horizontally refers to the installment of extra servers to relieve some of the load. If the management system is hosted on a single system and there is an anticipation of a greater load, then you can shift the database to another server.

  5. Reliable If uptime and reliability are important to you, then you should consider choosing a bare metal server. Since bare metal servers are physically isolated from other users, then load spikes from other tenants, commonly known as noisy neighbors, cannot bring down performance or create downtime.
  6. Support As compared to shared or VPS hosting, bare-metal servers have a customizable nature and are relatively higher in price, so web hosting providers normally have a specialized team for administering these servers. Troubleshooting issues that may develop as a result of custom configurations is now easier than ever.

    Handling a server requires an understanding of operating systems, server security, and server service. However, bare-metal server support management can control the server simply through phone support and operating system updating for security.

  7. Available with windows Most of the applications that we use on an everyday basis run on Windows. If you are familiar with Windows, then you can opt for the preferred version of Windows Server on any of the bare metal servers.


Bare metal dedicated server hosting is customizable, reliable, fast, and can run on any operating system of your preference. It offers the best that technology has to offer. They are an ideal solution for small businesses.