6 Ways Digital Agencies Can Benefit from Managed Hosting

July 21, 2022 / Business tips


Marketing, creative, and web development businesses are on the rise in this age of digital supremacy. However, balancing customer needs on a daily basis while guaranteeing infrastructure and network stability is no easy task.

As a result of this dilemma, digital agencies have become more dependent on managed hosting solutions, to relieve marketers and developers of technical burdens, allowing them to focus completely on their customers.

Aside from relieving the technical load from the staff, there are several other benefits that digital agencies can derive from managed hosting solutions. Let’s take a deeper look into some of these additional advantages that can benefit digital companies.

Managed Hosting Solution

Consumers can select between managed and unmanaged hosting. The main distinction is that the provider manages most of the technical, day-to-day administration when it comes to managed hosting. 

However, with unmanaged hosting, the client is responsible for everything. And this includes ensuring that your network and server are securely functioning properly, as well as that operating system are kept up to date and security updates are implemented on a timely basis.

It is also feasible to design customized management plans in which the vendor will handle a broader variety of responsibilities on your behalf.

Here’s How Managed Hosting Can Benefit Digital Companies:

  1. Scalable Cloud computing technology allows users to customize specific power characteristics like bandwidth, storage, processing power, and RAM. A managed hosting service can provide clients with the flexibility to scale based on their judgment and the provider’s competence. Clients can enhance server resources without migrating the server itself.

    Addressing various server needs of each customer might be tough for an advertising firm owing to the uncertain expectations of the client. And here is where a managed hosting solution can help.

    Managed hosting is adaptable enough to handle the majority of the projects that an advertising agency may encounter. After analyzing website traffic, you can suggest server resources that are most suited to your customer’s business needs.

  2. Flexible The level of flexibility provided by a managed hosting service is one of the most advantageous aspects of working with one. A managed hosting company will frequently offer results that are completely tailored to your agency’s demands and business objectives. 

    This gives you the independence and capacity to create websites that will produce optimum results for the customers. You are not constrained by a traditional environment when you have a customizable platform, allowing you to take on tasks that you may not have had the ability for previously.

  3. Secure Clients frequently request that their digital firm not only execute their campaign but also host their website so that everything is centralized. Because managed hosting services must meet stringent data protection, cybersecurity, and information security standards; digital firms and clients can be confident that their data is secure.
  4. Staff is freed up Using a managed hosting company reduces the requirement for technical competence and continuous management. One of the primary benefits of choosing a managed hosting service is that your networks and systems are managed by a trained staff around the clock.

    Having a managed hosting provider to look after the everyday functioning of your networks and make certain that they are always safe helps teams to focus on what is important to their clients.

  5. 24/7 Available support Claiming 24/7 availability is not the same as really delivering it. What if your customer’s website gets unexpected traffic in the middle of the night owing to traffic visitation from halfway across the world? Maybe contact customer service and hope for the best? Or how about contacting customer support knowing that someone is available and capable of scaling up your server resources at any given time?

    No matter how efficient a hosting infrastructure is, problems can arise at any time. As a completely managed host, bodHOST will tackle the technical issues quickly and effectively. That leaves you with the freedom to deal with last-minute revisions or upgrades. 

  6. Server Uptime Uptime is a percentile representation of how long the server has been active and running. Although 99.9% uptime is hard to achieve, the aim here is to come as near to it as feasible. What’s important is that the customer’s website is constantly available to end consumers. Frequent downtime can harm the client’s website and your agency’s image. Check if the host has an SLA (Service Level Agreement) certificate, search for a downtime clause, and see how much downtime will result in compensation. Quality hosting offers 99.95% uptime, with financial refunds or credit for downtime.

To conclude

Simply put, managed hosting makes things smoother for digital firms. The key responsibilities of managing the servers are looked after by the provider, giving you the liberty to focus on your business. 

At bodHOST, we are completely dedicated to ensuring that your customers are adequately taken care of. We work hard to provide quality services, solutions, and support to help you grow your digital world. When we succeed, you succeed. You manage the creative and we will manage the technology.