10 Benefits of Web Hosting for Small Businesses

September 10, 2019 / Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to a service that allows individuals and business organizations to post their website or webpage on the Internet. A web hosting provider is a business that is responsible for providing technologies and services needed for the website or a webpage that can be viewed on the Internet. Websites can be either hosted or stored over special computer systems known as the servers.

Following are top-10 benefits that web hosting provides to the small businesses-

1. Developing an Online Presence

For any business- small or large needs to have an online presence in the form of a website or social media profile. If any of these are not present, then the existence of your business may not be considered by their clients. Having a website can help businesses to improve the perception that people have regarding their businesses.

2. Targeting Local Customers

If you are looking to push your website to show up on the first page of search engines for even the smallest type of queries, then you might end up yourself with some extra business and work on building a strategy to rank your keywords by the means of an SEO. Besides reaching out to your local customers, your website can also be useful for building brand awareness amongst the local community.

3. Sharing Contact Information with Customers

The people around you know that your business exists, but are not sure how to reach you. So, ideally, your website should have the full address of your business and a detailed description regarding how to reach you (with a map of your area). It is also important to include other contact details as well as your business contact number, email address.

4. Helps in Receiving Online Queries

A large portion of small businesses prefer to solve their customer queries online rather than going for the telephone calls. It is more time-saving as well, as you can answer to the mails on your time and also you can address a large number of people at once through your online presence. Having a contact form can also be a great way for your customers to get in touch with your business without leaving your website. Some small businesses even prefer to have live chats for solving the queries of their customers.

5. Online Content Helps in Reputation Building

A large number of successful businesses keep their community well-informed by the means of content marketing. Considering the bodHOST’s blog page, it keeps its readers well informed and also provides knowledge on the latest and upcoming hosting news and trends. For a longer period, your business can be a great platform for publishing your content. The blog posts on your website help your clients. Content marketing gives you an authority in your domain and also helps in building goodwill between you and your clients.

6. Learning About Customers

The use of websites shouldn’t be constrained to sharing your business with the world. You can also use your website in order to learn more about your customers and then use this information to driving more sales and conversions. You can set up polls on your websites to learn about the interests of your customers. You can use a number of online tools for setting up surveys and also you can track the analytics of your site for gaining large volumes of data on the behavior of your website’s visitors.

7. Providing Personalized Email Address to Employees

Once you have purchased a domain for your business, then you can use the domain for setting up personalized email addresses for your employees. This is very useful as an email address with a domain looks more professional. Having a personalized email address gives the clients a feeling that you’re into running a professional business.

8. Making Online Sales

Besides the expansion of business, your website can also provide a new channel so that you can use it for making online sales. You can set up an online store easily and combine it with your regular business site. This can help you in making sales even after your business hours are over.

9. Use of Email Marketing

These days’ email marketing has emerged as one of the most effective tools when it comes to keeping up with your customers, driving sales and gaining conversions. Your website can provide a perfect platform for people to sign up for your email list. Once you have built an audience, you can shoot any numbers of emails as you want at your own will.

10. Building an Online Community

One of the key benefits of having a business website is that you can build an online community with your visitors. This can be used as an online platform where people (visitors) can ‘talk and share’ knowledge with each other. In case your website has a blog then you can enable a section dedicated for comments so that visitors can ask you questions and also discuss your posts amongst each other. You can even set up an online forum or even public chats. Having an online community helps your visitors to engage themselves with your website for longer sessions.


So, there are a large number of inexpensive benefits that web hosting can provide to your small businesses. Encash on these benefits well and in no-time, you would compete with the larger businesses that are present in the same domain as that of yours.

If you’re an owner of small business and looking for the best and inexpensive hosting for your business website, then visit bodHOST and select the plan that best suits your business needs.

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