Domain ID Protection

Availability of personal information over the internet is one of the major sources of frauds like identity theft, spamming etc.

In accordance with ICANN rules, domain registrant's information must be accessible to the public; so how can you protect yourself against possible threats arising from your personal details being available on the Whois information of your domain?


When you register a domain name, some of your personal details, like name, address, email id, and phone number are available for people to see, which means that anyone with the necessary online tools has access to this information. "Domain ID Protection" for your domain name guards you against identity theft, domain hijacking, fraudulent bills, and spam emails.

When you purchase a domain name, you can mask your information by using the Domain ID Protection service, also referred to as "WHOIS Privacy Protection".

How does Domain ID Protection works?

Basically it changes the domain contact information to anonymous record, which means without breaking any rules of ICANN you can secure your personal information. Here, the Domain ID Protection (WHOIS privacy) service provider plays the role of mediator; they will never take over your domain name.

When you purchase a Domain ID Protection service from bodHOST, your contact information will be anonymous in the WHOIS record.

The cost of a Domain ID Protection Service:

When you purchase this service, it shields your identity in relation to your domain name for one year. If you do not renew the Domain ID Protection service after one year, your contact information will be displayed in the WHOIS automatically.