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No Spam Reaches Your Inbox

We at bodHOST ensure that your inbox always stays clean and no span enters your inbox. Our sharp-minded cluster is designed to recognize all types of spam emails and hence it keeps it away from your inbox.

Configure Easily

We manage our services fully and hence, our skilled team helps you in all operations, right from configuring to handling the email accounts without costing you extra.

Scan Emails

We don’t only scan your inbox but also, outbox so that the scanning could safeguard the whole organization’s network. You can choose whether or not your outbox needs to be scanned or not.

Escape Blacklisting

bodHOST’s Spam Experts can kill the spam attack on its way and make your IP address escape the blacklisting nightmare. We care for your IP address and email accounts so that you can focus on more significant tasks.

Back-up With Just a Click

Just like installation, our back-up process is also very swift. The email archives can store even the rejected spam emails so that if by mistake you send some sender there, then you can recover.

No Bounced Emails

SpamExperts smartly stores and queues the incoming emails in case your email server is not reachable and sends you the emails automatically once the server is reachable.


Everyone faces the problem of having lots of spam emails, abusive emails, blacklisting of IPs, etc. To avoid such issues, choose bodHOST’s Spam Experts and get the email security provider, which offers top-quality services and follows the best models for the products. bodHOST’s Spam Experts has a high-quality email filter and also archive solutions, which make us stand out from the competitors. We detect threats quicker and implement a solution as fast as possible so that all emails go through complete scanning. bodHOST’s Spam Experts also scan your outgoing emails if you choose the option.

This adds an additional safety so that your customers can rest assure that your emails are not spam. bodHOST’s Spam Experts is the email security provider you need.