Windows VPS Hosting

Hyper-V Based Windows VPS Hosting with RDP Access

bodHOST Windows VPS Hosting is quite flexible in terms of server to server migration as it rapidly migrates virtual machines from one physical server to another with minimal or no downtime. Virtual Machine Snapshot is yet another distinctive feature of Hyper-V virtualization technology.

64-bit Micro-kernelized hypervisor architecture allows Hyper-V to offer device support methods and improve performance and security. It provides support to all operating systems ( 32bit or 64 bit ). Hyper-V supports upto 4 Multi-processors in a virtual environment, which offers an advantage of multi-threaded applications in your virtual machine. Hyper-V also includes virtual switch capabilities, which can easily be configured with Windows Network Load Balancing within virtual machines on different servers.

Developers and software vendors have an added advantage with Hyper-V Technology. It allows them to build custom tools, utilities and enhance virtualized platforms.

Windows Hyper-V VPS Hosting
Server CPU HDD RAM Bandwidth IP Control Panel Price
VPS Basic 2 vCPUs 40 GB 2 GB 1 TB 1 Dedicated IP Plesk (Optional) $34.99/month Order Now
VPS Standard 4 vCPUs 60 GB 4 GB 1.5 TB 1 Dedicated IP Plesk (Optional) $49.99/month Order Now
VPS Enterprise 6 vCPUs 80 GB 6 GB 2 TB 1 Dedicated IP Plesk (Optional) $64.99/month Order Now
VPS Corporate 8 vCPUs 100 GB 8 GB 3 TB 1 Dedicated IP Plesk (Optional) $79.99/month Order Now
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