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Incorporated in 1999, with strategic concepts and technical expertise, our Dedicated Server Hosting solutions are developed to address your needs. Today, with 10 years in operation, we have gained experience with a variety of different operating systems.

bodHOST has always aspired to continually develop existing technologies, while also actively seeking newer technologies. We are always testing new software releases to ensure that the best software versions are offered to our clients.

Customized dedicated web hosting has always been our speciality. As such, we have implemented new techniques to ensure that each server is setup optimally. We start by setting up servers on high-end Branded Chassis, as this is the building block for any web server. While some companies opt for tower or desktop computers to cut costs, we have always ensured that only server quality components are used. After the server is installed, we then pre-configure servers to ensure they offer the maximum level of performance. Managed Dedicated Server hosting is always an added advantage while establishing a successful business, maintaining your current high end commercial activities and developing new software and technologies.

Dedicated Hosting services are truly unbeatable, and cannot seriously be compared to other hosting platforms. Dedicated Web Hosting is perfect for heavy SQL databases, as well as high-end web solutions.

At bodHOST you will get dedicated Linux server that is ultimate for running websites that receives heavy load of web traffic, allows hosting multiple high traffic websites and provides complete control over hosting environment. Your Linux web server will be equipped with industry standard hosting control panel options such as cPanel/WHM and Plesk. Both of which help in the management of a large number of processes associated with website hosting on a dedicated server..

With the Plesk control panel, you'll get access to a simple and user friendly web-based interface that makes it relatively easy to administer Linux web servers and Windows dedicated hosting, even as a non-technical person. As a user, you'll be able to perform tasks ranging from creating new email accounts to managing entire domains. With exceptional features and user friendly interface, Plesk is an excellent web based tool for both end users and server administrators.

cPanel - WHM control panel offers a very advanced web-based control panel system to make web hosting fast and easy. This is a feature rich control panel and offers a web-based interface called WebHost Manager that gives you the ability to administer individual accounts and reseller accounts. It also allows you to perform basic system and control panel maintenance functions through a secure interface. Your system users and customers will be able to control all aspects of their web sites; including adding and removing email accounts and administering MySQL databases with relative ease.

There are multiple Linux operating system flavors available with bodHOST's dedicated servers. We currently offer Red Hat Linux Enterprise, Linux - CentOS, Linux - Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu and FressBSD. The most commonly used and popular one being CentOS.

Apache web server, BIND name server, Sendmail and Exim mail servers are just a few of the services available on a Linux Dedicated Server. Apache is able to serve a number of different websites from the same machine while BIND is the most commonly used software for providing DNS services.

With fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions, we ensure that your Linux operating system is maintained and updated. This ensures that your time can be better spent serving your customers' needs.

Web Server hosting stability and flexibility

With Linux dedicated servers, you have better security, a reliable way of hosting your websites and SQL databases, high performance, full root access, remote console and remote reboot.

A Linux dedicated web server is the perfect solution for high traffic or multiple websites and even sophisticated applications. If you are ready to make the step towards having your own web server, bodHOST's Linux dedicated servers provide a powerful, yet affordable solution. Thanks to quick responses from an ever alert team of server and network administrators, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we guarantee upto 100% uptime. Our Servers are setup on 100Mbps Standard dedicated Uplink Ports, which ensures that your content is served without delay.

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