BYOD Requires Protection of Users & Personal Devices

February 20, 2013 / Technology

Practice can prevent vulnerabilities…

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) demands protection not only on workstations for businesses, but the user and its personal devices. There are many companies in the industry that have invested in BYOD in the last two years looking at the growth of the cloud computing and its inevitable use.

It is clear that following this new concept of BYOD, enterprises and organizations can have more flexibility and cost savings. It has also been analyzed that using mobile devices in the workplace, safety in the corporate sector becomes more complex. The BYOD increases the complexity of the threats, which requires constant treatment by the security area; hence it is more necessary to protect the user.

Certainly, it is possible that the use of multiple personal devices may represent a security breach in network. One of the issues is the cost of protection and management of each of these devices; it becomes increasingly high, especially when the organization does not have an appropriate strategy of BYOD.

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