Why a Web Hosting Plan is Crucial for Your Website Speed

September 24, 2019 / Web Hosting

The algorithms used by search engines like Google and Bing consider a number of factors when they calculate the ranking of webpages in their respective SERPs. Some of these factors are directly related to the hosting package that you have chosen.

In this article, I shall be discussing how web hosting can play a vital role in your website speed.

Web Hosting & Website Speed: Directly Related?

When you are browsing over the Internet, you tend to access the remote files that are present in the web servers. Faster is the remote system, faster the user will be able to access the requested pages and thus, the choice of selecting a web hosting company or their packages becomes crucial. Web hosting involves the execution of thousands of interrelated codes for enabling the display on a single page. The execution of these codes will take time and this could very well justify the fact that why some of the web pages take long loading times and that is purely dependent on their hosting.

Choosing the Ideal Web Hosting Package

Once you have realized that there is a direct connection between web hosting and website speed, then you might be wondering- How do some of the web hosting packages are faster than the rest? There lies a huge analogy between your desktop systems and the fastness of your selected web hosting package. The obvious factors affecting your system speed are those that influence the difference in web hosting packages.

These inclusive factors are-

  1. Faster Hard Drives For a solid-state drive, the loading process is much faster as compared to the standard hard drives. Thus, greater performance for web hosting packages depends on the faster hard drives.’
  2. Location of Key Resources When you ensure that databases are present on the same web server, then you can enhance the speed of your website. This is fully opposite to the idea of keeping the shared resources present on other servers in case of a shared web hosting.
  3. Dedicated Resources It is always ideal to go for a web hosting plan that offers you dedicated resources. For such cases, you can select a VPS or a dedicated server plan that can save you from the stress of other websites using the resources. A dedicated server plan is the most commonly present in shared web hosting plans.
  4. Increased Resources The advanced web hosting plans are combined with increased processing power and better memory. Such an increased number of resources can help you to escalate the speed of your website as the page requests will be executed much faster.

Faster Hosting Intensifies Page Speed

When you upgrade your existing hosting plan, you can have a considerable positive impact on the loading speed of your website page especially for those websites that are resource-intensive. The impact might be of a lower magnitude if your website is a less resource-intensive one. Upgrading your existing hosting packages can also have an observable speed enhancement if your site tends to load slowly because of several users browsing your website at the same time instance. If you’re looking to optimize your website for increasing your page loading speed, then your optimization of code is not the sole solution. Also, give a check to your hosting package, whether it needs an upgrade for further improved performances.

Having a CDN service can be of great help for speeding up the e-commerce portals and websites that are graphic-rich. Heavy graphics used without CDN could drastically hamper the performance of your site and its loading time.


In today’s time, a fast website plays a crucial role as people expect your websites to be really fast and if you fail to meet their desired expectations, then you end-up on losing a lot of traffic hitting your website and ultimately it ends up hampering your revenue and loyal followers of your website. Thus, determining the ideal web hosting plan plays a crucial role in keeping your website and business afloat in this competitive.

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