Noah’s Classifieds

February 12, 2011 / Content Management Systems

Noah’s Classifieds is a system to create classified ad campaigns which also support e-commerce applications. It is a power-packed system full of tools, templates, categories, and subcategories, image upload for categories, custom email notifications, approval settings for classifieds, classified management, and several more. This is an easy and efficient tool that supports a comprehensive range of platforms, and applications thus it’s quite popular.

Noah’s classifieds are very easy to install and due to its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to use. It is also highly flexible with customizable themes, custom ads, and category fields, and it has a WYSIWYG Editor so anyone can easily edit the content. It also fully supports CSS templates and themes.

You can create as many categories and listings as you want to, and manage emails through the settings manager. Another key feature of Noah’s classifieds is that it supports 7 languages rendering it highly versatile.

  • Search Engine support
  • Schedule Ads, listings Expiry Settings
  • RSS Feeds, Facebook & Twitter Feeds.
  • New! Joomla bridge
  • Create Featured Ads.
  • Google Maps support.
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Anti-Spam tools fully supports Noah’s classifieds on all our web hosting plans. You can contact our sales staff for more information regarding the same.