How to Restart a Linux System using the reboot Command via SSH

July 2, 2024 / General Discussion

Managing a Linux server often requires remote access, as nowadays servers are frequently hosted in distant data centers. This procedure is essential for applying updates, fixing system problems, or changing configurations. Restarting your system with the reboot command is simple and ensures that all services and processes correctly reloaded. This tutorial will show you how to use SSH to use the reboot command to restart a Linux machine.

  1. Launch your SSH client: Open the SSH client that you prefer (e.g., Terminal, PuTTY) to establish a connection with your Linux system.
  2. Connect to your Linux system: To establish a connection with your Linux system, use the SSH client and provide the required credentials (username and IP address, or hostname).
    ssh username@hostname

    (NOTE: Change username to your actual username and hostname to your Linux system’s IP address or hostname.)

  3. Enter your password: After entering the SSH command, you need to enter your password. After entering your password, hit Enter.
  4.  Update package list (optional): Updating your package list before system operations is preferable. (This step is optional but recommended):
    sudo apt update
  5. Run the reboot command: Use the reboot command to restart your system after you’re connected to it. For this operation, administrator access required:
    sudo reboot
  6.  Restart the system: Your SSH connection will close when the reboot command issues and the system begins to restart. To make sure the system has resumed properly, wait a while and then try to reconnect over SSH.
    ssh username@hostname

Restarting a Linux system using the “reboot” command via SSH is an easy yet effective method to make sure your system and services are operating as intended. You can effectively manage your Linux system’s operations and maintenance by following the steps above in this guide. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you if you require any help!

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