How Do You Turn On Hotlink Protection

January 18, 2022 / cPanel

In this article, we will explain to you What Is Hotlink Protection and the process of turning It On.

What Is Hotlink Protection?

Hotlink prevention prohibits other websites from linking directly to files on your website (as defined below). Any file type that you don’t mention below will still be linked to by other sites (i.e., HTML files). Using an IMG > element to display an image from your site somewhere else on the Web is an example of hotlinking. As a result, the other site is robbing you of your bandwidth. This system will attempt to add all of the sites you own to the list; however, you may need to add additional sites yourself.

Follow the following steps to enable cPanel’s Hotlink Protection.

  1. Log into your “cPanel’s account.”
  2. Under the “Security section”, select the “Hotlink Protection option.”
  3. When you click the “Enable button”, your account will be enabled.
  4. You can add desirable domains to the allow list and ban extensions as needed. “URLs to enable access:” is one of the options provided. & “Block direct access for the following extensions (separated by commas):”
  5. When you’re finished, click the “Submit button.”

We hope that you now have a good understanding of What Is Hotlink Protection and How Do You Turn It On. If you continue to have problems with the protocol outlined above, please contact the bodHOST Team for constructive assistance 24×7.

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