Cloud Hosting for PHP and MySQL Web Developers

June 25, 2012 / Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Hosting PHP

Bodhost offers several different levels of cloud hosting to meet the varying needs of businesses small and large. All of our cloud hosting solutions hosted out of our US data center. You can be assured that our cloud services are hosted in a Tier 3 data center environment. So that we can guarantee you the highest levels of availability and the lowest levels of failure.

Web developers looking to create dynamic websites need to have knowledge of a particular scripting language. That can provide them with the features to achieve this; PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages used by web developers. And provides them with a wide selection of functions and components that they can use as part of their web applications.

For every PHP website a web hosting plan is going to be a necessity and a cloud hosting solution could be the answer for businesses wanting an affordable solution. That is still feature-rich and can provide them with the room required to expand their online presence.

A shared cloud solution from Bodhost can provide you aid in your PHP hosting experience in ways such as:

  • The dedicated hosting environment provided by cloud virtual machines will allow you to customize the configuration of PHP. So that you can add extra modules if these will assist in the development of your web applications
  • Extra security features put in place when using an eNlight cloud hosting plan. So that you can provide your own visitors with extra assurances and safeguards with regard to their personal information
  • The scalability offered by eNlight allows you to start off small and expand your virtual machines. As the visitor numbers to your website increase the demand placed on your resources grows.

eNlight cloud hosting from Bodhost boasts uptime levels not available with any other cloud web hosting solution, guaranteeing businesses good value for money no matter how much they spend.

Our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) all backed up by the full support offered by our 24×7 support. So that customers have peace of mind around the clock.

Cloud Hosting MySQL

Web developers creating dynamic websites using PHP are going to require a database backend. So that they have somewhere to store the content and information that is going to drive the web application. This is where MySQL Server comes into play. Even though the two haven’t specifically designed for each other, the features of PHP and MySQL complement. Each other so well that pairing is often the choice of web developers looking to create highly functional web applications.

eNlight cloud hosting provides you with a cloud in which you can create multiple virtual machines. If you wish to, allow you to create virtual machines for individual purposes.

As a web developer, you may find it beneficial to the performance of your PHP web applications to keep your MySQL databases hosted on a separate virtual machine. Creating a separate MySQL database server is not hard work at all and the support team. At Bod can even configure a secure vLAN (virtual LAN) to connect your eNlight servers. Together they can communicate in private internally, away from the internet.

Like PHP, MySQL is an open-source application, which means that you can use it in a commercial medium for free. Compared to other open-source database systems that are available. It is often agreed that MySQL Server offers the following over its competitors:

  • MySQL is a cross-platform database server that used on several different operating systems. So that web applications using the database server transitioned between platforms without there being any compatibility issues
  • There are a variety of control panels available for our eNlight customers regardless of whether they choose Linux or Windows; support for managing MySQL databases is natively built into many of these control panels to simplify your role as a server administrator
  • MySQL databases generally very easy to get to grips with once you are aware of the different data types that assigned to the columns in your databases, reducing the amount of time that you will need to focus on database development.

PHP and MySQL are available for Windows servers and Linux servers; these two platforms are available with eNlight virtual machines and hosted in the same cloud so that they managed from a single bodHOST control panel. You should consider Bodhost for your cloud hosting requirements if availability and support are two key considerations for you.