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March 11, 2020 / Backup

Managed R1Soft Backups & Data Protection

Data backups have always been crucial for businesses even before the technological advancements. Data backup was a tedious task in the past when computers, software, and other digital storage space did not exist. In recent years, technological inventions have made it quite easier to store a huge chunk of files in one system. Backup solutions ensure business continuity in the event of failure offering backups for confidential data.

What is a Backup Solution?

Backups are defined as the solutions that duplicate all files, folders, documents, and other software data storing it on the server. Backup solutions create an exact duplication of the entire files and folders making it much easier to retrieve data in case of file corruption, accidental/intentional deletion or a disaster.

Backup solutions compress the data reducing backup space. Also, it manages different versions of the same files with less backup space.

World Backup Day is around the corner! 31st March is recognized as the world backup day for individuals to learn the role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups.

What is Managed R1Soft Backups & Data Protection?

Managed R1Soft Backups & Data Protection is a cost-effective solution to traditional backup solutions. It replicates and synchronizes all the files over the network preventing losses incurred due to corrupted files. It is an easy-to-use solution capable of managing Continuous Data Protection (CDP) from a central backup management system. R1Soft plays a vital role for thousands of businesses backing up their mission-critical data and systems.

Features of R1Soft  

  1. Continuous Data Protection: R1Soft continuously monitors the changes in your data, saving the chunks of information that has been changed. It manages to serve resources based on requirement keeping the resources free rather than constantly using them. R1Soft ensures high performance at any time with minimum effect on server and disk performance. Continuous Data Protection enables improved recovery point with fewer time intervals between backups, eliminating the need to roll out the entire data in the event of failure.
  2. Disk Safe verification: Disk safe Verification ensures the data remains uncorrupted by continuously monitoring the data. It can be scheduled periodically or on-demand to proactively detect and alert if the file will be corrupted. It ensures a consistent recovery point in the Disk Safe post recent backup after detecting the issue in the Disk Safe.
  3. Data Retention: Data Retention protects confidential information preventing data breaches. R1Soft allows you to define a replication goal and recovery points to retain data. In other words, for every 15 minutes, or every hour define the number of recovery points to be retained. Also, it automatically merges the old recovery points recycling their storage.
  4. Quick Restore: R1Soft can restore the entire device or selected files & folders from the defined recovery point. It allows extracting files and folders to an off-site server from a recovery point. It recovers large files quickly with Bare-Metal Restore allowing multiple files to restore simultaneously.
  5. Central Backup Repository: Central Backup Repository stores all the replicated files at a central location. It works on existing TCP/IP network infrastructure eliminating the need to have special hardware. It ensures 30 or more server backups to one Central Backup Repository server, storing it on reliable disk-based storage.

Benefits of R1Soft 

  1. Cost-Effective: R1Soft is an affordable backup manager for both Windows and Linux operating systems in public and private cloud platforms.
  2. Flexible: R1Soft ensures flexible backups for any system at any location (Physical or virtual), on or off-site. Individual recovery points are easily accessible through the flexible interface enabling a simplified selection of files and directories to be restored.
  3. Secure and Reliable: R1Soft ensures industry-defined encryption standards and reliable technology securing confidential data. The data can be accessed depending on the requirements and permission granted.
  4. Scalable: R1Soft can scale the requirements of the hosting providers managing multiple servers with a single web-based console.


Backups and data protection are the need of the digital era. R1Soft Backups & Data Protection solutions have gained popularity in the business world, especially in the IT sector. It is a reliable backup solution offering too many benefits at an affordable cost.

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