5 Benefits of Hosting Emails on VPS

July 10, 2020 / VPS Hosting


Once you have your business website ready and running with a VPS hosting, it’s the time to switch your business’ emails to the same VPS hosting provider. Every business today relies on email for serving as the primary source of official communication taking place internally and externally. Not having an email hosted on the same VPS hosting can be quite a scary experience, and you, as a business owner, will never want that.

Advantages of Creating Email Accounts on VPS

There are various benefits that you get by having your email on a VPS hosting. Some of the value-added advantages include the following-

1. Better Privacy

With email hosted on a VPS, the most significant benefit that one gets is privacy. In a VPS hosting, your resources are isolated from others present on the same server, thereby, giving you enhanced privacy levels. When you choose an email service from any of the leading providers, you are bound to agree to their Terms and Conditions. On the other contrary, with email hosted on VPS, you will be defining your own T&C.

2. Enhanced Email Security

In the web hosting domain, the terms- privacy and security often complement each other. Besides a higher level of privacy, you also get enhanced security when you have emails hosted on VPS. With any other form of web hosting, there are always high possibilities of getting hacked by hacking techniques. Many email providers often get hacked, resulting in the loss of crucial client data. With emails hosted on a VPS hosting, you can secure your business’s private emails as its resources remain entirely isolated from others present on the hosting server.

3. No Downtime Issues

We all are aware of what implications a website downtime can have on a business. The same concern rests in the case of emails as well. Failing to receive/send any crucial communication can be annoying. Usually, most of the email hosting companies do claim to offer an uptime of 99%, contrastingly most of the big email service providers don’t adhere to such claims. The more prominent email providers might never go offline but serve as a potential target for cybercriminals who may cause disruptions, resulting in disrupted services. If the cyberattack is massive, then it may result in extended downtime, which can be quite a dangerous situation for any business.

A reputed hosting provider like bodHOST that offers various hosting services (such as VPS) has a dedicated & proactive team of technical experts. They are there to solve your downtime issues in a really quick time proactively. The provider’s expert team is there to answer all your technical queries for ensuring continuous business support.

4. Establish Your Brand with a Customized Email

The brand identity of your company is inevitably essential. It is the brand identity that helps people to recognize you as a brand. Thus, to further enhance your brand identity with your potential customers, you must include your brand in the emails as well. Since emails are the best source of communicating with the external business stakeholders, having a branded email helps in widely establishing your digital identity outside the company. When you have emails hosted with a VPS, you get enhanced customizability to align with your company. A tailored email establishes your legitimacy within the potential end-customers.

You must have noticed, using the email services from the leading providers often come in the form- email-id@provider’sname.com. This might sound reputable; it still lacks business professionalism. With email servers combined with a VPS plan, you can create your professional email addresses similar to- [email protected]. Such email addresses give you the complete authority regarding who are the ones who’ll be accessing these emails. You can even discontinue the email accounts of all those who’re no longer there in the company.

5. Self-Managed Functionalities

Most of the major email providers offer several features. These providers completely own the rights to updating or removing these features. You can imagine the consequences of a key functionality getting removed without your consent. A similar case can be with adding an unwanted feature/functionality that might not be of your use at all. However, when emails are hosted on a VPS, there are very minimal chances that these changes will have a significant impact. If these changes have a direct effect, that will be purely based on the configuration provided by your VPS provider. Additionally, with VPS, you are in complete charge of your emailing setup, and based on needs, you can decide regarding which functionalities are to be kept or removed.

Concluding Remarks

On a concluding note, having emails hosted with VPS brings in a lot of benefits to a user. One can easily leverage the benefits of having a personal server besides enhanced functionality for email hosting as well. A VPS-hosted email also has other benefits, as discussed in the article. Thus, you should always encash the benefits of a reputed VPS hosting provider for hosting your emails.

If you’re still looking for a trusted VPS Hosting provider, then feel free to reach out to Team bodHOST for an unmatched and best-in-class VPS Hosting for your emails.

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