How to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting

December 21, 2021 / WordPress Hosting

The speed of your website is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, regardless of its size as it helps your business flourish by providing optimum user experience. This helps attract more people to your website and boosts revenue.

Identifying the fastest web hosting service is not as straightforward as it seems, since there are a variety of hosts that you can choose from. They most likely have different plans that can make the process even more confusing. Hence, it is important to know the parameters that you can judge the web hosting providers on and select the one that offers you the best speed and performance.

Why do you need the fastest WordPress hosting?

Every person in the world genuinely avoids a slow website. However, it’s not just your preference in speed that makes it important while determining your web hosting, there are a few other reasons which make speed a crucial component.

  1. Spike in bounce rates
    Research conducted by Google suggests that users will move on from your website to your competitor if your loading time increases up to 3 seconds. The bounce rate witnessed a rise of 32%.
  2. More speed, more conversion
    If the loading time increases to more than 5 seconds the conversion rate is known to decrease. Hence, if you are selling your products and services online, there is a good chance that longer loading times will lead to your revenue taking a hit.
  3. Search engine optimization repercussions
    SEO faces the consequences of the speed of your website. Google takes it into consideration while ranking your website. When people look for a certain term, in case your website does not pop up, it is not possible for them to encounter your website at all. More than this, it has an adverse effect on the user experience. The main goal of forming a website is to ensure that it attracts visitors who find it enjoyable. However, if its slow speed makes a bad impression, they are not going to stay.

Factors to consider to find the best-managed WordPress hosting

  1. Research the web hosting types
    1. Shared Hosting- Shared hosting includes splitting the resources of one server and using them to run a number of websites. So it is like sharing the same office space with several people and having communal resources you need for all to use. If you’re just starting your online business, or you have a small website, this is the best option.
    2. Cloud hosting- Cloud hosting provides you with an array of virtual machines that are all connected to one another, which offers the perfect environment for your growing business. If you need to scale your resources up or down at a moment’s notice due to unpredictable traffic, you can benefit from Cloud web hosting.
    3. Virtual Private Server- A VPS is an upgrade from shared hosting. Virtual Private Servers also have multiple users on the same server but their resources are divided and are private. So there is no tripping over each other’s shoes to get enough resources for your website. So you have the privacy to work as you want to with ample resources.
    4. Dedicated Server- dedicated server allows you to have control and the resources of the whole server. Its incredible performance and reliability come at a higher cost. You own the whole space and can customize it according to your needs. It also offers ample space to satisfy all of your needs. However, you should opt for it only if you require those amounts of resources
    5. Managed WordPress Hosting- Managed WordPress Hosting can be a part of any of the web hosting options mentioned above. It caters particularly to WordPress websites including its updates and various other tasks.
  2.  Location of your data center
    You need to be aware of the location of your web host’s data centers. You can find their location through analytical tools. This will help you choose a web host that has a server near you and your target audience. This boosts the speed because the requests go through and are resolved faster.

    The CDN, also referred to as the content delivery network, can help you navigate this. They include a number of servers that function in sync to get the content to you through the internet. Your website’s performance also receives a boost because the content is cached. This helps the website speed up.

  3. Educate yourself about server tech
    The kind of hardware your web hosting provider uses in the server can have a huge impact on its performance. Hence, choosing the best web hosting service that upgrades its hardware to the latest in the industry is crucial. While you might not be aware of the intricacies of technology, it is good to analyze the quality and standard of tech the web hosting services use to check if it is state of the art.

    You should also determine if HHDs or SSDs are used by your web hosting services. Solid-state drives boost your speed and performance. There are a few web hosting


Along with all the things mentioned above, to deliver fast WordPress hosting, its features should also include automatic as well as regular backups and updates. Round-the-clock security and customer support along with high uptime will ensure selecting the fastest WordPress hosting in the market.

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