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eNlight Cloud Computing vs RackSpace vs Amazon vs Gogrid

Today we are going to compare eNlight cloud configuration tool with the other leading cloud service providers.

eNlight cloud configuration tool:

This is the simplest cloud server configuration tool than others. With eNlight, you have the full freedom to choose resources according to requirements. It means that you are actually in charge to select each and everything about your cloud server. Hence, I would say this is a true cloud architecture model which justifies the term “Pay For What You Use”. Check the following image.

cloud servers


RackSpace Cloud Server Calculator:

Quite a simple calculator to choose resources for your cloud server. However, disk space allocation is based on the RAM selection. For example, if you choose 2 GB RAM then you will get 80 GB predefined Disk Space. It means that you need to choose appropriate RAM according to the space requirement. Also, if you want next level managed services then there is an additional cost $0.12 per hour per server + $100 per month account fee. The most confusing part for the customers would be the incoming bandwidth and outgoing bandwidth, because most of the customers still don’t know the difference between these two terms of bandwidth. Check the following image.



Amazon Cloud Services Calculator:

Amazon is one of the most popular and reputed cloud service provider in the market, but its cloud service monthly calculator interface is pretty complicated. Cost of the services is even varied from region to region. However, as similar to RackSpace incoming bandwidth is free but for outgoing bandwidth customer will have to pay a certain amount of the charges. Amazon’s cloud services also come with a set of pre allocated resources.

Gogrid Cloud Hosting Cost Calculator:

Gogrid is also similarly popular for its cloud services, and their cloud hosting cost calculator is really a good one. RAM, Cores, and Storage space are predefined so you need to figure out your projects actual requirements. The best part is you can easily include the number of servers and adequate RAM will be deployed for you. For your information the total monthly inbound transfer is free, but not the total monthly outbound transfer.